Unleashing the potential of your student feedback

A 2022 semester StudentPulse project.
Prices starting from €2.995-5.995 based on the size of the project and institution.

What is the project about?

StudentPulse is offering a 3-12 months project, tailored to educational institutions, that want to improve their work with student evaluations & feedback.

We want to test a KPI-driven approach to student feedback. It will be based on the concept of adaptive & nudging micro-surveys.

Increase your evaluation response rates by 50%.

Map, analyse & benchmark your student feedback in just 2 hours.

Engage up to 20 employees to easily use and disseminate data.

What is in it for your institution?

Our all-in-one student feedback platform is a intelligent evaluation tool for educational institutions. We know we can help you improve the education quality, academic performance and student engagement.

Now it is time for us to show the full potential of the platform with the selected 10 educational institutions.

Eachstepputting student feedback on the agenda






& workload

Quality Manager (20-40h)
Programme representative (5-10h)
Student comm. responsible (10-15h)
Professors/Teachers (5-10h)*

Quality Manager (7h)
Programme representative (3h)
Student comm. Responsible (3h) 
2-3 student representatives (2h)*

Quality Manager (2h)
Programme representative (2h)
Student comm. responsible (2h)
University/Faculty Management (2h)*

Quality Manager

Programme representative

Student comm. responsible 

Quality Manager (10h)
Programme representative (7h)
Student comm. responsible (3h) 

Is there a need for improving feedback?When would the timing for a project be right?Can the institution allocate resources?

How/when to distribute micro surveys?Prerequisites in place for employees?Who is responsible per org. unit?

What are the main learnings?How can changes be implemented?Are areas of risk identified?Your communicate-integrate-act strategy?

What units/colleagues participate?What are the main pains?What is the project timeline?What focus/existing evaluations?What are the most important KPIs?Any student services that supports?

What works, and what doesn’t?What is the student and employee feedback?Are there any critical results (act now)?

Definition of main KPI’s, participating units, #students, focus areas, participating employees, connectors

Project report: Your student feedback mapped, explained, improved.

& meetings

Time frame

4 weeks

10-20 weeks

1 week

Intro, demo

Product presentation, report template, bus. case

Report presentation, evaluation meeting, future setup

Employee demos, result-walkthroughs

Live dashboards

Decision meeting, Finalisation meeting

Survey drafts, StudentPulse Playbook, Incentive strategy

Project kick-off, employee workshop

Project foundation, demo account

Distribution strategy, survey schedule overview, survey approval, employee onboarding.

Increased response rates, distribution best (and worst) practices. Student experience overview + progress.

Questions to be addressed

“Go” (signed deal)
“No-go” (e.g. future meeting)

Required outcome

1-2 weeks

1-2 weeks

Download the full project guide (pdf)

Download our full project guide to get the full overview of the project.

Below you can see what topics we cover in the guide

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Aim & outcome of the project

Read about what you can expect will be the focus of the project.

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The process of the project

See our timeline of the process and why it is an iterative, but cost-effective, process.

Collaboration references

Take a look at our 2021 Fall references with insights in their results and setup.

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Project milestones

An overview of the project milestones with description of the project teams involvement.

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