On a mission to build the best student experiences

Behind every action there is a reason, a strong team, and a dedicated individual.

We are here to revolutionise student experience through data.

Because we want to make education memorable for everyone.

How we do it

We put students first

We only ask about things that matters to students, and we let students tell us and clients what to do.

We collect feedback intelligently

We collect data frequently and in real-time, and we do it as a natural part of education.

We empower action

We believe that real-time data requires real-time action, and we acknowledge that not all people are Analysts.

Born global. Rooted in Denmark

We revolutionise student experience in a global scale, country by country - but we are deeply rooted in Denmark and proud traditions of building stellar student experiences.

Studentpulse is a part of
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Danish market leader within student acquisition & engagement

A team of former students

We are experienced professionals, and we are recent graduates. We are juniors, and we are seniors. But most importantly, we have all been students.

Meet all of us here.

Join us!

We are continuously looking for talented colleagues. Most likely at our office in Denmark, but feel free to reach out whereever you might be located.

Open positons can be found below.

Contact us

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