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With the StudentPulse microsurveys, you can collect student feedback more frequently.

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StudentPulse microsurveys

StudentPulse provides you with qualified surveys that will give you precise feedback on your student experience.

Our microsurveys are created to be quick and easy to fill in, keep the students engaged and happy to provide feedback. And you have unlimited surveys included in your yearly license.

StudentPulse microsurvey features

Scheduled student surveys

Scheduled surveys

Plan surveys for a specific period to ask about certain topics during different times of the academic year.

educational student surveys

Standalone surveys

StudentPulse designed and powered surveys. Made to educational use only.

student experience surveys

Surveys designed for different core areas

We offer you surveys that focus on 10 different core areas that play a major role on student experience.

customised surveys

Customised surveys

Add your own questions to implement your own quality processes and change the languages to our surveys to make them more personal.

survey on student journey steps

Surveys on 6 student journey steps

Add your own questions to implement your own quality processes and change the languages to our surveys to make them more personal.

Our microsurveys covers 11 different core areas

There are questions we recommend you to ask every time. Questions that should be asked as at a specific step of the student’s journey and questions targeting the topic of your needs.

Most importantly, all questions are verified by StudentPulse, and students - and you only have to set up once.

student engagement


student confidence


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Dynamic Course Evaluation
Student feedback and evaluation

Feedback & evaluation

goal setting

Goal setting

learning interaction

Learning interaction

learning setup

Learning setup

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Student Experience Questions
Peer relationships

Peer relationships

institutional support

Institutional support

student surroundings


study-life balance

Study-life balance

expectation and fit

Expectation & Fit

student planning


Happy teacher
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