StudentPulse is a platform that intelligently collects feedback from your students in each step of their journey.

Student experience

All-in-one student experience platform

With StudentPulse, you get a all-in-one platform that both facilitates data collection and insight & analytics of students.

We collect data directly from our own survey framework, where we have scheduled and standalone surveys that gives you all you need to ask the right things, at the right time.

You know your students the best, so it is possible to customise and even make your own surveys from scratch. But a combination of both, is often where we see the best results.

What do you get with StudentPulse?

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Insights and analytics based on real-time student feedback
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Predefined and qualified surveys (customisable)
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Surveys in multiple languages
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Internal and external benchmarking
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Heatmaps on faculty/programme/class level

Micro surveys

Use our predefined and qualified surveys to collect student feedback on a monthly basis. The micro surveys only take a few minutes to fill in, and are created to cover the educational journey, and can be customised to examine the core student drivers at your educational institution.

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student microsurvey
programme benchmarking


With StudentPulse, we enable you to make internal benchmarking on your programmes, course/semesters and strategies.
We also provide you with external benchmarking of other educational institutions (national & international)

Insights & Analytics

Have the right data at your service at the right time, so you can make the right decisions. And find out whether these decisions have an effect.

Student insights
student heatmaps


Make your dashboard more individual with our customised heatmaps.
Create heatmaps for programmes, faculties, nationality and everything in between.

student engagement platform

Set up in minutes!

Use our well-proven question framework
SStudentPulse is an intelligent platform, but also a framework. Based on your location and type of educational institution, we provide you with a set of verified questions made for the specific step on the student journey.

Benefit from automated data collection
When you set up StudentPulse once, student feedback will be collected continuously. Visualised and easy to share with relevant stakeholders.

Adjust easily
Concurrently with students and their surroundings changing, so does the need of feedback. We’ve made it easy for you to add aditional feedback rounds and change questions asked.

We help you to continuously collect feedback from students, in a way that presents the right data — to the right stakeholders — at the right time.

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