Your Student Experience isn't better than the weakest link.

StudentPulse is a platform that intelligently collects feedback from your students in each step of their journey.

Student weakest link

Map the journey and make every step of it memorable.

StudentPulse empowers your educational institution to track and improve every touch point you have with your students.

From the very first time, they hear about your brand—to the day where they successfully graduate. And years after that.

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Optimise your semester evaluations

Easily get impulses from your students with the power of StudentPulse's micro surveys.


Lower your
drop-out rate

Get an overview of students at risk of dropping out - and get a chance to do the right things before it is too late.

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Activate your brand ambassadors

Identify your fans, and use them to increase general satisfaction and attraction.

Go some of the way, or go all-in.

Do it all, or do some. StudentPulse is a platform that suits your needs, whether you want to track A-Z, or you want to look into separate steps of your students' experiences.

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Wondering how StudentPulse can support your educational institution?

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Data-driven decision making.

Have the right data at your service at the right time so you can make the right decisions.
And find out whether these decisions have an effect.

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