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Improve student survey engagement & motivation and to build even more proactivity into quality assurance. Implement existing course evaluation, and get ongoing feedback from your students.

We help you improve
students’ experience

Improve the learning experience by continuously gathering micro feedback, identifying micro-actions, and building feedback loops.

Collect Students’ Feedback and Measure Impressions

Our microsurveys are created to be quick and easy to fill in, keep the students engaged and happy to provide feedback. And you have unlimited surveys included in your yearly license.

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Get Instant Student Analytics
To Develop Action Plans

The platform maps out which drivers perform less optimally, and we even provide you with recommended actions to improve on the drivers.

+65% response rate

Different user access to platform

A 100% quality focused setup

Programme overview

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Qualified student inputs powered by AI

Don’t waste time on manual student data tasks. Let StudentPulse do it for you.
Simplify workflows, reduce errors, and save time.

Student Engage

Engage students in providing feedback continuously.


Provide professors, teachers and lecturers with easy-to-use inputs.

Increase Student Response Rates

Increase response & completion rates when surveying students.


Identify top and low performing learning experience courses.

Use cases

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Dynamic Course Evaluation

Student Engagement
StudentPulse case

...we were aiming to optimise the relevance and length of our surveys - and to act more often and quicker to our students' inputs...

Franne Schepers · Quality Assurance @ UHasselt

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Frederik Halbak Jacobsen

Frederik Halbak Jacobsen

Head of the Commercial Office

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