Student Support & Services

Reduce student dropout and strengthen student well-being by improving student support, identifying students of risks, and helping students to help themselves.

Why StudentPulse

Specially designed for
Student Service Offices

Support & Services

Map and identify student issues and nudge them to your services.

Academic Counseling

Improve your academic counseling with in-depth insight into student trends and needs.


Align your services and efforts on student-life factors and implement them at the right time of the student journey.

Why choose us

StudentPulse will
 support your work

A framework of microsurveys that nudges students towards (self)help / An early-warning overview of student groups at risk. A real-time overview of support & service performance

Identify student groups at risk, to intensive retention efforts.

Nudge students towards already existing student services.

Improve support & services based on qualified student inputs.

Continuously get insights of your students’ well-being, social-life, mental health and student performance.

Support students in their everyday life with targeted offerings.

Why choose us

Features on the platform

Your all-in-one Student Service platform, that intelligently supports your collection of student feedback and gives you a real-time overview of the student experience.

Student group

Student Connector

In case a student’s feedback indicates that help is needed, the student is automatically directed to the most relevant service.

Student Heatmaps

After each survey round you are able to identify student groups with issues and align your efforts to fix the current issue areas.

Verified Support Framework

Use our verified question framework and use our easy drag-and-drop survey builder.

Improvement Suggestion System

Get suggestions to improving for each student topic or area. Act on student issues in real-time with our expert advice.

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