Students and Student Unions

If you are representing a Students’ Union you can use StudentPulse to support the student journey and improve your events, services, activities and student life.

At a 50% discount.

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Your all-in-one Students´ Union platform

What does it mean?

Gather the right student feedback to 
support your areas of responsibility

Enables you to proactively identified and analysed what impact students’ experience the most - forming the basis for future improvements.

Measures are put in place

Put measures in place that ongoingly makes it easy for students to share opinions, ideas and issues throughout their time of studying.

Ongoing actions are carried out

Ongoingly use student feedback to improve current students’ experience, aiming for incremental changes that are adjusted to the student context.

How we can help your Students’ Union

With years of experience working with student experience, we are aware of the common issues Students’ Unions are facing during the academic year. Based on Students’ voice, we have solutions to your common issues.

Gather student feedback during the entire student journey, to map and identify areas that needs to be improved.

Get an overview of student improvement suggestions within the most important drivers of student experience automatically. Act on students struggling in real-time.

Students voice impacting everyday life

Give advice to students struggling

Use nudging technology to link students and student services. Access student engagement data in real-time to adjust student related actions.

Focus on gathering student feedback continuously

For students. By students.

At StudentPulse we put students first, and we know that you do too. Therefore we've built a setup made specifically for student organisations and your work with improving the student life.

50% student discount, prices start from:

€ 495 / year

*all features included

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What does it take to get started?

Our platform is designed to empower you as an Students’ Union, but we also know that each Students’ Union are unique. We recommend a 30 minute clarification meeting to address your specific needs, before you dive into the platform.

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Get access to a dedicated framework made for student organisations only.

Map students journeys

Map your students' journey and identify areas of improvement.

evaluate on students

Evaluate events, services and activities in real-time.

Student feedback features

Features that will benefit your student union

Engagement per student segment
Are your fellow students happy, unhappy, or something in between? Are there any differences among different segments - and why is that?

Improving events, services and more
Get a hold of all your organisation's activities by easy real-time evaluation.

Make an impact for current students
Forget everything about just looking back. StudentPulse is made to improve the experience of current students, right here, right now.

Book your 30 minute meeting to learn more about our Students' Union platform

Frederik Halbak Jacobsen

Frederik Halbak Jacobsen

Head of the Commercial Office

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