A Feedback platform made for change

StudentPulse empowers leading educational institutions by turning student feedback directly into impactful actions. Our advanced analytics and AI-driven recommendations ensure that students take action themselves, and you automate your work with converting feedback into action.

  • Actionable insights: Clear, data-driven recommendations that guide your institution's next steps.
  • Efficient decision-making: Automated stakeholder identification and streamlined feedback categorisation.
  • Intelligent Insights: AI-powered tools that highlight key trends and identify at-risk students continuously.
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Empower every student’s success

With StudentPulse check-ins you transform how you support each student’s journey towards success. When student provide feedback our platform delivers tailored, automated interventions that are responsive to individual student needs, ensuring effective support that is both timely and relevant.

  • Proactive engagement: Use student feedback to provide real-time, actionable guidance.
  • Continuous adaptation: Evolves with student feedback, ensuring interventions remain aligned with students’ ongoing needs.
  • Precision support: Automated, tailored interventions for every student, whether at risk or excelling.
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Check-ins students want to engage with

StudentPulse’s check-ins are designed to significantly increase student participation and completion rates. Our platform aligns each survey with student interests and needs, ensuring meaningful and frequent interactions that drive engagement.

  • Automated notifications: Encourage participation automatically with simple distribution methods
  • Gamification: Student-centric check-ins making it fun for students to interact with again and again
  • Tailored surveys: Customised questions that resonate with student interests.
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Rooted in student centricity

StudentPulse is built around the concept of student centricity, ensuring every survey question is crafted with the student’s journey in mind. Our research-backed frameworks and student-validated technology guarantee high-quality, relevant insights.

  • Research-driven questions: Developed by renowned research teams and validated by top institutions.
  • Collaborative design: Continuous feedback from student boards and test panels ensures relevance.
  • Customisable surveys: Easily integrate and enhance your existing survey questions.
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The power of pulse check-ins

StudentPulse’s check-ins  provide educational institutions with essential insights into student trends and feedback. Our platform automatically aligns survey frequency and questions with both institutional needs and student experiences, delivering actionable data to enhance educational outcomes.

  • Real-time trends: Capture and analyse key student feedback continuously.
  • Tailored surveys: Automated alignment with student journeys and institutional goals.
  • Actionable insights: Enable timely and informed interventions to support student success.
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