Making surveying actionable

StudentPulse microsurveys help educational institutions to engage students in every part of their student journey. With a deep understanding of the students’ context, surveys are designed to come alive: short, relevant and easy accessible.

  • Use intelligent survey flows asking the only questions needed.
  • Schedule microsurveys to take place at the most crucial points in time.
  • Make microsurveys feel like a natural part of students' everyday life.
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The power of high-quality questions

Forget about time-to-time survey preparation. The StudentPulse platform comes with a prebuilt question framework, verified by students, and yielding high quality feedback in return.

  • Choose between 50 verified questions, across 10 different drivers of student experience.
  • Build your existing student survey questions into your StudentPulse-framework.
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Providing an immediate solution

Unlike traditional student surveys, StudentPulse uses each student's feedback instantly to match them with the support, services, or information they need.

  • Connect the right students with the right services at the right time
  • Build a dynamic service connector adapting to students’ journey, moods and feelings.
  • Identify students at risk and set them up with immediate 1:1-support.
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Real-time analysis and action

Empower programme, course and other institutional stakeholders to use student feedback on-the-go, providing them with simple dashboards and student-driven improvement suggestions.

  • Get real-time dashboards highlighting areas of improvement.
  • Use AI-verification to focus on the most important student inputs, first.
  • Empower decentralised stakeholders to take action right away.
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