Engage students in every part of their journey

StudentPulse check-ins engage students in every part of their educational journey. With a deep understanding of the students’ context, check-ins are designed to focus on what drives student wellbeing the most at every point in time.

  • Automate check-ins to easily adapt to every semester’s context.
  • Schedule check-ins to automatically align with institutional efforts, or activate check-ins when needed.
  • Build check-ins directly into existing student communication and platforms to increase engagement.
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Help students immediately

Based on students’ experience, feelings and moods, StudentPulse identifies and supports students at risk, and makes the experience even better for students already thriving.

  • Connect each student with the right suggestions at the right time, based on your existing offerings.
  • Identify students at risk and set them up with existing 1:1-support-initiatives immediately.
  • Provide every student with access to StudentPulse Live, if help is needed right away.
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Structure your work with student wellbeing

With access to a prebuilt wellbeing framework StudentPulse helps you to structure and track your work with student wellbeing. Based on institutional best practices, verified by students and validated by thousands of StudentPulse data points.

  • Choose from 25 verified focus areas, across different drivers of student wellbeing.
  • Build your existing institutional focus areas into your own StudentPulse-framework.
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Identify general challenges and take action

With continuous data streams, StudentPulse empowers institutional stakeholders to easily identify focus areas, tendencies and student-driven improvement suggestions.

  • Get real-time dashboards highlighting low- and high-scoring student segments and areas of improvement.
  • Use AI-verification to focus on the most important student inputs, first.
  • Help decentralised stakeholders to take action right away using automated notifications.
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Benefit from zero-party data

StudentPulse allows you to get started with check-ins right away. No app is required, no personal identifiable data is collected, and no drawn-out compliance processes are needed.

  • No apps, no downloads, no cookies.
  • Pass sensitive student data directly into your existing student management or support systems.
  • Automatically detect and remove sensitive student comments.
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