Identify students at risk

StudentPulse's at-risk feature enables targeted 1:1 support for students whose feedback indicate they are in need of help.

Built into the check-in flow, simple forms appear to students in need of assistance, providing them with the opportunity to easily seek help before their issues become a bigger problem, allowing them (and you) to take preventive action.

Point students towards several 1:1-initiatives

Gathering all of your relevant 1:1-support initiatives in a single check-in, but only activating those found to be relevant to the individual student, we help you to cover students’ back personally, socially and academically.

...and if you are lacking 1:1-support resources we’ve got your back covered with StudentPulse Live. Learn more here.

Streamline your personal support process

The best way to support students is by providing them with high quality support - fast, and with low institutional effort.

With simple workflow integrations StudentPulse sends support requests directly to your inbox or preferred student management tool, making sure you only have to manage your students in one place.