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Set up once and your Student Experience data will be collected continuously—as a part of all of those things you already do.

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StudentPulse continuously collects feedback from your potential, current and previous students.

By integrating micro surveys into existing communication flows, we provide you with the right data at the right time. Simple and actionable.

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Use our well-proven question framework
StudentPulse is an intelligent platform - and a framework. Based on your location and type of educational institution, we provide you with a set of verified questions made for the specific step of the student journey.

Benefit from automated data collection
When you set up StudentPulse once, student feedback will be collected continuously. Visualised and easy to share with relevant stakeholders.

Adjust easily
As students and their surroundings change, so does the need of feedback. We’ve made it easy for you to add additional feedback rounds and alter the questions along the way.


What do students experience?

See StudentPulse from students’ perspective.

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Tailored to your students' experience

StudentPulse can give you impulses weekly, monthly, quaterly and bi-yearly - within each step of the student journey.

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We already do a lot of things that measures our students satisfaction, but StudentPulse is a crucial supplement, providing us with relevant data everytime we need to make decisions.

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