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StudentPulse aims to help educational institutions to improve student satisfaction. We have already helped others institutions with their student feedback systems.

Student microsurveys

How to use StudentPulse?

StudentPulse is an automated student analytic platform that, by sending monthly micro surveys to your students, can give you a full overview of your student's experience.

The platform maps out which drivers perform less optimally, and we even provide you with recommended actions to improve on the drivers.

student feedback platform
student feedback platform

StudentPulse microsurveys

StudentPulse provides you with qualified surveys that will give you precise feedback on your student experience.

Our microsurveys are created to be quick and easy to fill in, keep the students engaged and happy to provide feedback. And you have unlimited surveys included in your yearly license.

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Some of the student centric institutions trusting StudentPulse:

Students whose educational journey has already been significantly improved:


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Dynamic Course Evaluation

Student Engagement
StudentPulse case

...we were aiming to optimise the relevance and length of our surveys - and to act more often and quicker to our students' inputs...

Franne Schepers · Quality Assurance @ UHasselt

Platform features

StudentPulse is an intelligent platform - and a framework. Based on your location and type of educational institution, we provide you with predefined surveys consisting of a set of verified questions made for the specific steps of the student journey.

Depending on your needs, it is possible to add additional feedback and alter the questions whenever there is a need for it. After collecting student feedback and receiving analytics, StudentPulse will provide you with recommended actions to improve potential issue areas.

Student Connector

In case a student’s feedback indicates that help is needed, the student is automatically directed to the most relevant service.

Student Heatmaps

After each survey round you are able to identify student groups with issues and align your efforts to fix the current issue areas.

Survey Builder

Use our student question bank or implement your own questions to our easy drag-and-drop survey builder.

Improvement Suggestion System

Get suggestions to improving for each student topic or area. Act on student issues in real-time with our expert advice.

StudentPulse features

Survey builder

Customise and adapt the usage of StudentPulse to match your student requirements

Add your own questions to the monthly micro surveys, change the questions to your prefered languages or completely customize your dashboard segmentation.

Students voice

StudentPulse is student centered

Our platform, surveys, questions, insight and analytics are all focused on the students. Enabling you to improvement on courses/semesters/strategies based on your students’ feedback.

Custom platform

Works 100% independently

it's very easy to get started with StudentPulse. We are also able to integrate our surveys into your Learning Management System (LMS).

Student data analytics

Easy to understand analytics

The data analytics are visualised to ensure that it is actionable and easy to interpret.


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Step by step guide to get you started.

Implement StudentPulse


Step 1

From the moment you decide to implement StudentPulse into your organisation, you are only a few weeks from receiving the first round of feedback from your students.

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Student feedback scope


Step 2

If you aren’t already collecting student feedback, we help you to define the scope: which students to include, which priorities and which drivers you should focus on first.

collect student feedback


Step 3

When you have decided on the scope, we will create your first micro survey, and you are ready to collect student feedback and get real-time analytics.

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questions to ask students


Step 4

If you have any preferences on which questions we ask your students, we can customise the micro surveys to fit your needs.

adjust student survey


Step 5

After collecting student feedback from the first micro survey round, we evaluate, adjust and help you get started with more advanced features.

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Now you are ready to join the platform.

See your personal StudentPulse dashboard in minutes

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