Easily motivate students to give feedback

  • Let student check in during class using live collect, QR-codes and PIN-codes.
  • Reach students not attending class by building check-ins into your LMS or other student platforms.
  • Keep course rep efforts low by setting up automated mail notifications.
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Use questions targeting each step of the learning journey

  • Ask the right questions at the right time, using automated check-in scheduling.
  • Nudge students with questions designed for learning self-reflection.
  • Align cross-course feedback collection by letting course reps choose from a institutional framework.
  • Supplement your existing course evaluation, or convert it directly into StudentPulse check-ins.
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Spend time on action. Not analysis

  • Provide teachers and professors with real-time data on their course experience using learning dashboards.
  • Focus on the most important student feedback using automated comment tagging and AI-analysis.
  • Identify institutional quality priorities by using cross-course heatmaps.
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