Connect the most relevant services with the right students

  • Combine services and support from different institutional departments importing a shared service catalogue.
  • Bring specific support into play in every step of the educational journey using scheduled support triggers.
  • Promote events, activities and material to students, using engaging service call-to-actions.
  • Match the individual student with the most relevant service by instantly analysing the student’s data.
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Take preventive action by matching students with 1:1-support

  • Identify students in need of 1:1 support by building at-risk triggers.
  • Target students with a variation of academic, personal and social support by combining cross-department initiatives.
  • Push student support requests directly into existing workflows by using secure and simple integrations.
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Get insights on your service and support impact in real-time

  • Measure the impact and quality of service initiatives using feedback heatmaps.
  • Understand the characteristics of at-risk students by easily segmenting data.
  • Keep track of support and service activity using service activity dashboards.
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