About the webinar

You have a diverse group of learners already enrolled in your institution - be it a university, vocational school, or any other educational establishment. The challenge lies in ensuring they remain with you throughout their entire learning journey, staying motivated and engaged from start to finish.

Dropouts pose a persistent challenge globally with rates varying between 8% to 40% across different institutions. Many of our clients have seen notable retention improvements, some of whom will share their experiences with StudentPulse in the upcoming webinar, providing insight into tackling this industry-wide issue.

In this upcoming webinar "Tech driven strategies to catch the invisible dropouts", StudentPulse’s CEO, Gorm Eriksen, and Director & Product Manager, Rune Sønderby, will unfold valuable insights on curbing dropout rates. They will illustrate how our innovative technology can empower your institution to offer timely support to every learner, ensuring a seamless and enriching learning experience throughout their educational journey.

You’ll also hear from a few of our clients on how they use some of the key features to set their students up for success. So you can get an even better idea of how StudentPulse is used every day across different institutions.

We'll talk about:

  • The importance of listening to your students' needs.

  • Institutions' experiences with student dropouts before and after implementing StudentPulse.

  • How our clients utilise StudentPulse to provide timely support and catch students at risk before it is too late.

  • Why StudentPulse works and how it can work for you.