The best bits of 2023

StudentPulse Team
December 20, 2023

Annnnnd just like that, another year is about to be over. But without getting too existential about it, there’s a lot to celebrate. StudentPulse has done a lot of growing up since we launched back in 2019 and we wanted to reflect on what this year brought for us, so here are some of our achievements to round off 2023 (and learn from this year!)

We entered new markets

This year marked an exciting entry into 6 new markets! We said Zrdavo! to Croatia, Olá! to Portugal, Bună! to Romania, Tere! to Estonia and Hola! to Spain. Additionally, we also onboarded new clients in familiar countries like Norway, Netherlands, UK, and Denmark.

It's been an incredible journey, getting to know each client and advising them on how to create better experiences for their students.

We made supporting students (even) easier

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about getting student feedback right, it’s that the feedback collected is only as good as the action you take on it.

2023 saw the creation of two of our favourite features designed to enhance student engagement and support, ensuring a more impactful and responsive educational experience. 'Connect and Identify', enabled us to empower thousands of students, as we improved their experience through active engagement and support.

We haven’t only been able to identify 7461 students in need of support, but we’ve seen 2549 students make use of the support initiatives they’ve been offered.

We collected over 1 million feedback points

And let’s not forget this major milestone: as of 2023, we've collected over a 1 million feedback points! This marks a significant impact in student wellbeing as each of these student inputs has helped institutions to understand their students and accordingly translate insights into actions.

Our impact-driven approach ensured that the feedback students provide - good and bad - was folded into the experiences our clients’ institutions build.

We stepped up our partnerships game

We had the pleasure of joining forces with SMRS (UK), CompanYoung (DK) and Ginntech (NO), bringing more power to changing the education game. With 30+ institutions onboarded in Denmark 3 in Norway and 1 in the UK, these partnerships brought top-notch consultancy skills and unrivaled insights into the local educational scenes, while boosting their customers’ student experience with our student wellbeing platform.

Ready to and enhance your offering with our software too? Enter, and give your clients everything they need to transform their students’ wellbeing!

We launched new AI features

This year we've also made significant strides in AI, with a major backend release helping institutions identify the most impactful student feedback. Our commitment to AI excellence continues as we develop an advanced AI model to deeply understand student contexts. This includes our pioneering multilingual scoring module, offering timely, relevant recommendations.

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments in 2024, as we further enhance our AI capabilities to revolutionize educational experiences.

We won the InnoBooster and Erasmus+ grant

Rounding off the year, we celebrated a great success with two major two-year projects, both set to conclude in 2025.

The InnoBooster project, funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, focuses on AI-driven solutions for enhancing student engagement and wellbeing. And the ID-VET Project, backed by the Erasmus+ program, is set to revolutionize vocational education across Europe by fostering inclusion and diversity through our innovative ‘Micro check-in framework’.

Winning these projects really made our year, so dive in to find out how our commitment to using cutting-edge technology creates a lasting impact in the world of education.

We made new friends (and reunited with the old ones) at Westminister Insight conferences

International conferences across Canada, Netherlands, UK, and Norway (for the time being) – are one of the ways we’re trying to build a thriving community in the industry. Every few months, we share our extensive knowledge on student wellbeing with fellow educators at the Westminister Insight conferences.

It’s been great to see so many passionate educational enthusiasts come together to be inspired by our insights drawn from a rich collection of a million student responses, which equip us to provide the most current and accurate perspectives in the field.

We’re also growing our community through a series of webinars and podcasts, further disseminating the latest trends and developments in the educational industry. If your event needs a speaker with deep, evidence-based understanding of student wellbeing, consider StudentPulse your ideal partner.

We teamed up with an innovative research partner

Our partnership with Ontario Tech University and the Mental Health in Digital Age Lab underscores our dedication to research-driven solutions in student wellbeing. We’re not just implementing research-backed methods in our platforms; we’re actively shaping the future of educational technology.

Involved in various multi-year projects, we offer robust, data-driven tech for wellbeing initiatives. Academics and professionals working on large-scale, funded projects, who seek a partner with sophisticated data capabilities, are encouraged to connect with us. Want to read more about all the strategic projects and collaborations StudentPulse got into this year? You’re in luck.

We welcomed new team members

2023 has brought some new faces to the StudentPulse team, each contributing with their unique expertise to our mission of boosting student wellbeing. Please give a warm welcome to:

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 2024. And year will also bring a great change for the C-Suite at StudentPulse, as we’ll be joined by a new CTO in January, whom we’ll introduce to you soon!